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Așa cum am arătat în alte articole, pentru a discerne între un produs de calitate și unul falsificat, sau de calitate scăzută, în cazul mineralelor coloidale este necesară aparatura specializată. Totuși, uneori, aceasta se poate face și vizual, mai ales în cazul aurului și cuprului coloidal. Desigur, este necesară existența unor repere, ca referință pentru comparație.

Aceste repere vi le punem la dispoziție în fotografiile de mai jos, în care am utilizat diferite concentrații de aur coloidal, într-o manieră pe care oricine o poate repeta, acasă. Desigur, pot exista anumite variații de culoare, datorită iluminării ambiante, percepției subiective, sau datorită vechimii produsului (care cu timpul capătă culoarea violet sau indigo, fără ca astfel să îi fie afectată calitatea în mod necesar).

Mostrele cu concentrația sub 20ppm, au fost obținute prin diluții succesive ale produselor cu concentrație mai ridicată.

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Fiecare producător își laudă produsul ca fiind cel mai bun, cu calități excepționale, etc. Uneori poate fi adevărat, alteori...


Haideți să analizăm următorul caz de ... reclamă: un producător oarecare, declară că produsul pe care îl comercializează, nu doar că este cel mai bun, dar este și singurul produs autorizat de pe planetă. La o adică ce ne-ar împiedica și pe noi să afirmăm aceasta? A, da! Nu putem, deoarece (încă) nu avem un guvern/organism planetar care să stabilească aceasta... Așadar, aceasta ar fi o minciună: iată ce simplu a fost să o depistăm!

Să restrângem aria și să presupunem că ne referim, de exemplu, la argintul coloidal, și la Romania, și cineva, producătorul Autorizache ar afirma că argintul coloidal pe care îl produce este singurul produs autorizat din România (căci nu degeaba numele producătorului este Autorizache...).

Dar... autorizat să ce? Autorizat de către cine?


Hai să o facem pe detectivii și să vedem cum stau lucrurile cu autorizarea unui produs.

There is a myth that says that glass stops ultraviolet radiation completely. I personally heard it for the first time in elementary school,  during physics lesson, and I took it for granted for a long time, more precisely, until some technical experiences proved to me the opposite. And here's what it omitted, the Physics Manual (for children), to state:

The ultraviolet range is in fact a spectrum of frequencies. They are grouped into four subspaces, UVA, UVB, UVC and UVD. Since UVD (less than 100nm wavelength) can only propagate in the vacuum, of course we can not care. About the rest, in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Ultraviolet radiation spectrum

As you can see, UVC radiation is not of interest, but UVB and UVA is of interest for uus, because they can reach the ground (and even get there). As such, for a minimal influence on colloidal silver, the vials in which it is stored should absorb these ranges of radiation. This need has long been studied in the food industry, and is still due to the fact that there are many liquid food products that are likely to be destroyed / degraded by ultraviolet radiation. As wine, beer, oil (especially olive, hemp) producers have noticed this need, we have also made inquiries on bottles made from various assortments (and implicitly colors) of glass.

Thus, according to the report by Skouroumounis and collaborators, in 2006, the absorption graphs for different glass assortments resulted as in Figure 2:



Figure 2: Absorption of light for various glass assortments

What does this mean? We can see that the best bottles are made of brown glass and antique green (we can also include glass bottles, which are usually a green variety), because they absorb very well both the UVA and UVB range of ultraviolet.
Surprisingly (but not so surprisingly), cobalt blue absorbs very little of the UVA field, virtually as little as a colorless bottle!

However, due to the fascination that this color produces, especially in the case of shades, buyers can easily be tempted to buy it regardless of the product packed in it. We would say it is not a very good idea, especially in the case of colloidal silver. Of course, if we permanently protect the product in another extra box, it would help, but daylight, even in a normal room, or on a store shelf,  some products will degrade if they are kept in such a bottle. Keeping in an opaque cabinet, however, will help in the stability of the product, but to the final customer, such a container can not be easily stored in ideal conditions.

Let's make this cler: keeping drinking water in such a bottle is beneficial, it can even help heal some diseases (also true for other glass colors: purple, red, yellow, green, blue, etc.). For example, keeping water in blue containers is not recommended for people suffering from constipation, asthenia, lack of vitality, depression, rheumatic diseases, cold, being recommended other colors, on a case-by-case basis. These details are related to a traditional medical branch, called chromotherapy, which we can not address here.

Ultraviolet radiation also affects other types of nanoparticles, such as gold, copper, platinum, etc. However, the fastest destructive effect is on silver. Of course, as the size of the nanoparticle increases (as in the case of silver-colored silver), this action is reduced, and the vials can be stored for years (even though not exposed directly to sunlight) in colorless vial.

OBS! If you perform ultraviolet radiation measurements with dedicated devices, it's good to keep in mind the range of UV rays that have been calibrated. At the same time, it is good to know that the type of glass is very important, but especially its treatment, which, in the case of  modern insulating glass, can be and is easily achieved. But this is a whole different situation.

I have stated on many occasions that it is wrong to measure the concentration of colloidal minerals with the TDS-meter. Today we will show you a simple device that serves this purpose along with some colloidal gold assortments.
Concentration measurements of dissolved or dispersed substances in liquids (water, in this case) are performed by many methods. The TDS-meter is only used for pure ionic solutions. Otherwise, other methods are used, one of which is to measure the absorption of light through the solution or dispersion. Simplified, it's like looking through a fog: if you see less, it means the fog is deeper. In other words ... eye-metric.
You can do it without appliances as well, looking at such a picture:

Obviously, the product with the higher concentration is the one to the right. Of course, there will be people who will come on with all sorts of ineptics that justify the appearance of the  product to the left: that the particles are very small and not visible, that ...
In addition, no one stops the various producers, for whom honesty is just a word in the dictionary, and a quality that everyone else, except them, has to posess, to specify sci-fi concentrations of their own products: tens or even thousands of ppm!
In the picture, only the three products to the right belong to us: AquaNano Olympus, Solar and Celest, in this order. The product to the left... arrived in our laboratory, not quite by mistake, from some... seller. We do not comment further.
Coming back, just as you can check with your own eyes, you can do it with specialised instruments like the one in the next image (right), a spectrophotometer in visible and ultraviolet spectra.

In this case, samples from different products can be compared, after a proper calibration, the results being quite accurate.
Of course, such a comparison can also be made in the case of colorless solutions or dispersions, with the same apparatus, but using the spectrum of UV light, where, for example, ionic silver absorbs radiation.

The use of such a device is relatively simple, as we will show in a movie we will be making soon.
Until then, we suggest you do not believe in ... the edibility of everything flying, and use TDS-meters only for aquarium water analysis.

Note: The instrument presented is a secondary tool that allows you to measure the concentration as compared to a reference. Measurement metrics are based on much more complex tools than the one presented here, and, of course, much more expensive.

Agata P. Walczak, Remco Fokkink, Ruud Peters, Hans Bouwmeester


Summary: Oral ingestion is one of the main ways of exposure to silver nanoparticles, but their fate after ingestion is not well known. It has been studied using a human digestive model in vitro . [...] For comparison, silver nanoparticles of 60nm diameter, and silver nitrate (AgNO3) were used.In terms of protein, after gastric digestion, the number of nanoparticles decreased dramatically, but returned to baseline after intestinal digestion. SEM-EDX study showed that the decrease in particle count was due to agglomeration in the stomach, agglomerations containing chlorine and silver nanoparticles. After intestinal digestion, the agglomerations disintegrate back into nanoparticles with a size of 60nm (original size, nn). [...] Interestingly, silver nitrate, in the presence of proteins, after gastric digestion, has been transformed into 20-30nm nanoparticles composed of silver, chlorine and sulfur.



As you can see, whether you will ingest an ionic silver form, or a colloidal silver assortment, after gastric and intestinal digestion, the result is the same: nanoparticles. Moreover, no matter how small the so-called silver ions are, they turn into even large silver nanoparticles, composed of silver chloride.

One of the issues difficult to check by the average user is the actual concentration of a colloidal mineral.
Of course, people of all kinds, either from us or from other parts, teach us that we can use for this TDSmeters, which are really useful for measuring certain water parameters, but unnecessary in measuring the concentration of minerals colloid. At some point, we will also explain why "people wanted" to be taught so. Very briefly, it involves different ways of falsifying colloidal minerals.
Given the mode of action of these products / remedies, sometimes this concentration, more precisely its absolute value, is not very important, especially if an informational type effect is pursued.
However, from here and up to selling chilly water, or anyway, produced far from what it should be, it is a very easy step to make by unscrupulous and integrity producers, and that is happening more often than you could believe, not only in our country but also in the rest of the world.
Forged products that bring significant material benefits are a magnet for people who are sometimes over-beloved (which we apologize for because we are forced to put our finger on the wound), especially when they are accompanied by an attractive packaging, a promotion aggressive and usually liar. Sometimes pseudo-scientific colors are also given to this promotion, possibly with the so-called "star" of the medical or monden "basement".

The importance of this study is very great, because it shows that silver nanoparticles are not inert in the body, they gradually release silver ions with antibacterial effect.

At the same time, release being gradual, they have enough time to exert antiviral effect.
It can be noticed that the effect of silver nanoparticles is very different in a real environment, compared to the effect in incomplete tests, in which all environmental conditions are not correctly and completely simulated, which is unfortunately happening in some idealized studies, in which there are compared totally different assortments of colloidal silver.
Such studies, carried out by people who do not really understand what they are doing, and in which, for example, a colloidal silver whose pectin stabilized particles are compared with silver ions, whose reactivity is very high, show completely distorted results, without taking into account the very different destination of these two types of products.
For example, pectin-stabilized colloidal silver (as well as other types of colloidal silver, like products) are made to go unmodified through the stomach, while the so-called ionic silver turns entirely into chlorides. Of course, you will never see such details in these ... pseudo-scholars.
Maybe because they do not know, maybe because they do not want to know. Let's read the summary:
Sigg L, Lindauer U.
The dissolution of silver nanoparticles (AgNp, 1-5micromolar) stabilized with carbonate or citrate was examined in the presence of organic ligands, such as cysteine, chlorine, fulvic acid, as well as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at low concentrations and pH 7.5. Dissolved silver was separated from silver nanoparticles by ultrafiltration. Cysteine, at a concentration of 0.2-5 micromolar, resulted in an increase in the dissolution rate of silver nanoparticles within a few hours. Chlorides (up to 0.1 millimolar) as well as fulvic acid (up to 15mg / L) had little effect on the dissolution of silver nanoparticles over hours and days.
In contrast, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, 0.1-10 micromolar) achieved rapid dissolution of nanoparticles in 1-2 hours, both in light and dark.
This dissolution in the presence of H2O2 sheds light on the silver ions release by silver nanoparticles, and their effects, be they therapeutic or toxic (for example, in the aquatic environment, for example).

PMID: 26310977 DOI 10.1016 / j.envpol.2015.08.017

"Science," or rather "modern ignorance," has accustomed us to the limited way of seeing physical phenomena as being treatable separately (the reductionist paradigm). The generalization of this erroneous way of looking at things has effects in two directions:

1. Prevent true scientists from discovering deeper truths about the world around them

2. Helps the scoffers to trick those who do not have a rigorous scientific formation

In this situation there is an endless discussion about the "supremacy" of silver ions or nanoparticles. It has, however, been cut for a long time, but as in the 21st century there are groups of people who still believe on the basis of pseudo-evidence that the earth is flat (yes, you read well!), so it happens with so-called ionic silver (which, in order to trick people is still called also colloidal), although the two do not have much in common.


For starters. to note that there is no such a more "magical" silver ion than other silver ion. The combination of silver ion (also called cation) and the corresponding ion (also called anion) modulates to a certain extent the properties of the silver compound.
There has never been and will never be a so-called free silver ion except for special states of matter (plasma).
So what's an ion? An ion is a part of a chemical compound that consists of two or more atoms of two or more elements. A picture for simplification


For some time we have noticed the emergence of silly (and even really liar) articles that say silver ions are tens or even thousands of times more effective than silver nanoparticles.

Thus, on the labels of colloidal silver produced by a Romanian company, we can read: "Silver ions are more than 13 times more efficient than silver nanoparticles, according to the official report issued by Rice University in July 2012."


Let us further decode this half, or even a quarter of truth, and see how it becomes a lie.
Thus, what is not said is that the statements in the article are much longer and more complex, and in fact, the article refers to how silver nanoparticles are most effective, and how that is done. It is not a comparative study between nanoparticles and silver ions !!!


We suggest you read the article HERE (click on this link).



We will first refer to the antiviral effect of nanoparticles

For a long time, although it was observed, the antiviral effect of silver was not understood. However, since the 2000s, electron microscopy studies have succeeded in clarifying this dilemma. Photographs on viruses subjected to the action of silver nanoparticles have clearly shown that the antiviral effect occurs as a result of sticking nanoparticles to certain points of the viral membrane. The team led by Dr. Elechiguerra (see article here: has clearly shown that nanoparticles stick to the viral membrane, and both the extremely small nanoparticles (including ions) and the excessively large ones did not contribute to the antiviral effect.

In the figure here, you can see how silver nanoparticles inhibit viruses. So silver ions have nothing to do with the antiviral effect. However, the human body does miracles, transforming silver ions into nanoparticles into the digestive tract, but this is the subject of another article.


Thus, by failing to mention the object of action of silver ions or nanoparticles, we are convinced that the statement is valid in all situations.


At least for the moment, the title of the introductory article should rather be "Read and Wonder about". We will keep it, however, as before, as a welcoming greeting to new and, of course, better times.
Alright, it seems that the next period will be spent with the publication of such articles, somewhat more unusual. You will be able to read them all on this section's welcome page.

We are bound by circumstances to publish such articles. What it is about, you will see, reading each article.

Except for articles already on this page of the AquaNano - Colloidal Minerals section, the other articles can be accessed from the Colloidal Mineral Submenu under the Items menu.

 Thank you.

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Datorită aplicării de către Ministerul Sănătății, începând cu septembrie 2010, a regulamentului nr. 1170/2009 de modificare a Directivei 2002/46/CE a Parlamentului European şi a Consiliului şi a Regulamentului (CE) nr. 1925/2006 al Parlamentului European şi al Consiliului în ceea ce priveşte listele de vitamine şi minerale şi formele sub care pot fi adăugate în produsele alimentare, inclusiv în suplimentele alimentare, efectele asupra notificării și comercializării mineralelor coloidale sunt, în principal, după cum urmează:

Nu este permisă notificarea ca supliment alimentar a argintului coloidal (precum şi a oricărui alt mineral, aflat sub o altă formă decât una dintre formele precizate în lista anexată respectivului Regulament), chiar dacă anterior aplicării acestui Regulament, mineralul respectiv a fost notificat şi/sau comercializat ca supliment alimentar. 


În absenţa unei astfel de notificări (ca supliment alimentar), nu este permisă menționarea pe etichetă, sau în materialele de promovare, a precizărilor referitoare la efectele ca adjuvant în păstrarea sănătății, a recomandărilor de dozare și consum, precum și a posibilității de folosire pentru uz intern, ca supliment alimentar chiar dacă, eventual, anterior datei de intrare în vigoare a acestui Regulament, aceste precizări au putut fi realizate.

Pentru produsele deja notificate ca suplimente alimentare minerale la data intrării în vigoare a respectivului Regulament, dar neaflate pe lista respectivă, s-a permis comercializarea acestora sub formă de supliment alimentar pentru o anumită perioadă. În cazul argintului coloidal, Ministerul Sănătății a considerat că această perioadă a expirat în ianuarie 2016.


Articolul zilei

Argint coloidal ionic sau argint coloidal fotonic?

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Primim adeseori întrebări despre argintul coloidal dacă este coloidal, ionic, sau coloidal ionic. Pe această temă s-au scris atâtea articole, încât nu vom insista foarte mult. Vom preciza doar că, din punctul nostru de vedere, este o batere a apei în piuă și o despicare la fel de inutilă a firului de păr în... două (jumătatea ionică și cea coloidală a firului de păr, ca să zicem așa).

De ce?

Read more: Argint coloidal ionic sau argint coloidal fotonic?

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Protocol antitumoral simplu și extrem de eficient

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Vă recomandăm să citiți cu atenție, și să aplicați perseverent informațiile conținute în acest articol, mai ales în cazul în care vă confruntați, dumneavoastră personal sau cineva drag, cu această afecțiune.

Am structurat aici un protocol clar și eficient, ale cărui efecte sunt excepționale atunci când este aplicat perseverent, și mai ales în stadii incipiente.

Totodată, el poate fi completat cu diferite alte adjuvante, uzual fără probleme semnificative, și poate fi utilizat în paralel cu chimioterapia sau radioterapia, caz în care efectele secundare ale acestor tratamente vor fi semnificativ reduse.

Read more: Protocol antitumoral simplu și extrem de eficient

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