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Due to certain deficiencies in the body, our bones can easily become prone to breakage. Broken bones vary from simple greenstick fracture in children that needs minimal care to injuries involving multiple fractures, broken ligaments and tendons and bone displacements requiring surgical intervention. While Essential Oils cannot repair a broken bone on their own, they can surely assist in making the healing process faster and reducing the discomfort.

Why Essential Oils Are Useful In Healing Bones?

People start building bone mass when they are young, hitting their highest bone density in their late twenties. As we age, this bone density starts to decline and becomes more and more important in determining the quality of life and overall health of an individual. Loss in bone density brings about weaker bones and is known to be the underlying cause for several life threatening and degenerative medical conditions. Consequently, it is seen that one out of three women over the age of 50 has reduced bone density.
Use of Essential Oils can help maintain this bone density, allowing an individual to live a healthy life. Using Essential Oils in the formative years of an individual’s life can help build stronger bones that are less susceptible to damage. Apart from this, if you already have a fracture or a bone disease, Essential Oils can speed up the healing process and reduce the discomfort involved in the treatment.

Best Essential Oils You Can Use For Healing Broken Bones


Wintergreen Essential Oil
Wintergreen Essential Oil has a cool and strong aroma. It helps you better your ability to focus and invokes several physical benefits. Methyl salicylate and salicylic acid present in Wintergreen are the two elements responsible for the healing effects of this Oil. In case you are looking for a natural remedy to heal your broken bones, start using Wintergreen Essential Oil for immediate and long lasting relief.

Essential Oil Recipes For Healing Broken Bones

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils Blend
While Peppermint and Eucalyptus do not affect the healing process, their analgesic and cooling properties make it easy for the patient to bear the pain and follow the course of treatment recommended. The cooling sensation can ease the pain and temporarily override the discomfort.
You will need:
A small dark glass container
2-4 tablespoons of carrier Essential Oil (Grape Seed, Almond, Olive etc.)
10-12 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
10-12 drops of Peppermint Oil
Add 5-10 drops of Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils each to 1-2 tablespoons of carrier Oil. Adding carrier Oil is necessary to reach the right concentration level so that the blend doesn’t irritate the skin. Keep the blend in a dark glass bottle away from the sun, and rub over the impacted areas to ease the pain.
Essential Oil Recipe for Bone Fracture
An excellent protocol for using Essential Oils for any kind of bone fracture:
5 drops Basil
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Thyme
5 drops Marjoram
30 drops of fractionated Coconut Essential Oil
5 drops Eucalyptus
5 drops Cypress
You should apply this blend on the impacted areas twice a day until the fracture fades out in your X-ray report. For faster results, you can wrap the affected area with a warm towel after the Essential Oils are applied.
Sometimes, we tend to discount the importance of our freedom of movement. Remember, for some individuals, mobility is always a luxury. While broken/damaged bones can restrict the mobility to a significant extent, home remedies like Essential Oilscan help you deal with the discomfort and restore your previous healthy existence.
Krill Oil For Broken Bone Treatment
Healthier bones and joints offer flexibility, mobility and steadiness. However, continuous activity can push these bones to their limits, leading to loss of cartilage and decreased mobility. Essential Oils like Krill Oil are helpful in keeping the bones flexible and healthy. Krill Oil is safe for long-term ingestion and includes the Omega-3s EPA and DHA, which help in maintaining healthier bones and joints. Similarly, Krill Oil can help you repair broken bones faster due to its natural tendency of keeping bones healthy and the healing abilities that this Oil features.
Broken tendons are painful and often result in an ongoing pain. While tendons in any part of the body can break, the parts we use the most are more likely to suffer from broken or pulled tendons. Areas that are vulnerable to broken tendons include elbows, shoulders, hips, wrists, knee, ankle, and heel. When it comes to healing broken, torn out or pulled tendons, Essential Oils are known to do a commendable job. Compared to medicines and other popular therapies, they are fastest at healing broken tendons. Before we delve into how Essential Oils can be useful in healing broken tendons, let’s understand what causes them in first place.

What Causes Broken Tendons?

There are three main reasons behind broken tendons:
Injury or trauma including sprains and strains;
Overusing a muscle too much;
Sudden injury or an accident might pull a tendon causing unbearable pain and trauma. In such situation, first thing that is recommended is rest. Rest will also allow the Essential Oils to do their work in the best possible manner.
It is easy to overuse a muscle by suddenly doing something that the muscle is not used to. In addition, not warming up and cooling down properly before and after a workout leads to lactic acid built up, which expands through the muscles affected and brings about broken tendons, pain and stiffness.
Stress and anxiety can also make the muscles tense, especially in the shoulder and neck area, and therefore causing broken tendons.
Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best Essential Oils to use for healing broken tendons and eliminating the pain:
Lemongrass Essential Oil 
Lemongrass seems to be designed for healing tendons. It regenerates the connective tissue, repairs the broken tendons and helps in regulating the blood flow.
Marjoram Essential Oil
Marjoram is made for spasms, rheumatism, sprains and muscles discomfort. It reduces the tension between muscles and tendons, thus helping in the repair of broken tendons.
Wintergreen Essential Oil
Wintergreen helps in rheumatism and muscular soreness and discomfort. It is also known for its ability to alleviate pain in muscle tissues. It offers cortisone like action due to its high content of methyl salicylate. Wintergreen is also an all-natural anti-inflammatory. If you believe muscle soreness is the cause for your frequent instances of broken tendons, Wintergreen is the Oil to use.
Peppermint Essential Oil
In addition to what Peppermint is popularly known for, I generally use this Oil to intensify the effect of other Oils I have used. For the same reason, this Oil is used in the last. It super charges all you have just put on.
Oregano, Lemongrass, Lemon, Lavender, Helichrysum, Cypress, Birch and Basil are some other Oils to consider for the healing of broken tendons.

Recommended Recipes And Protocols For The Best Possible Relief In Broken Tendons


Essential Oils for Broken Tendons – Recipe 1
Mix 3-4 drops of Birch and Lemongrass each in carrier Oil and apply on the damaged tissue. Layering the impacted area with Peppermint after a couple of minutes might help “drive” the Essential Oils deeper within the cells. Using warm compress can also be beneficial. Follow this procedure 2-3 times daily until soreness is reduced.
Essential Oils for Broken Tendons – Recipe 2
Put in your carrier Oil:
10 drops of Peppermint
5 drops of Marjoram
5 drops of Melaleuca
6 drops of Rosemary and
2 drops of Lemongrass.
Use 2-3 ounces of Fractionated Coconut Oil as carrier Oil. If required, you can use baby Oil as carrier Oil.
Mix all the ingredients in a bottle and roll it back and forth for few minutes to warm the Essential Oils and mix them properly. Use this Essential Oil blend straight out of the bottle and rub on the damaged tendon. You can also apply this using a warm cloth. In order to open the pores, place the warm cloth over the impacted area for few minutes. Thereafter, rub the Oil for at least 5 minutes. Make use of a spray jar if the injury is too distressing to massage. For serious injuries, add 2-3 drops of Helichrysum.
If you have cold sores, they are certainly not the best characteristic of your body! These awful little – painful skin lesions – develop due to the herpes simplex infection and so are transmittable. Cold sores generally clear in 7 to 10 days. Many Essential Oils are able to sort out this viral infection but they need to be in your system as soon as the first symptom appears. This means, the more you delay, the less effective these Essential Oils will be. With that said, here are some of the best Essential Oil Recipes you can use for immediate relief in problems like cold sores:
1. A Wonderful Essential Oil Recipe for Cold Sore using Geranium Oil
This most basic cold sores treatment recipe still does wonders. Take one drop of Geranium Oil on a water soaked cotton bud and apply on the impacted area. The cold sores will start disappearing rapidly.
2. Essential Oil Recipe for Cold Sores treatment using Tea Tree Oil
Mix 1 tablespoon of Coconut or Olive Oil with 4 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Dip a cotton swab in the mix, and apply straight to the area effected. Keep the remaining mixture in a tightly covered glass box, and reapply a few times every day up until the core sore has vanished. Do not use Tea Tree Oil inside the nose and never swallow it. Tea Tree Oil is toxic and larger doses can result in fatal consequences.
3. Synergistic Blend for Fever Blisters
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
8 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
6 drops of Chamomile Essential Oil
3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
8 drops of Geranium Essential Oil
Combine the above-mentioned Essential Oils together in 2 fl. oz. sweet almond oil and take one to two drops of the mix on a Q-Tip or cotton ball soaked in water. Apply this blend directly on the cold sore daily for fast and long lasting results.
4. Recipe to check the Cold Sore outbreak
As soon as the first symptom of cold sore is seen, apply one drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil mixed with Sweet Almond Oil on the impacted area several times a day. If the pain is not bearable, add diluted Lavender Oil to the blend before applying.
5. Essential Oil Recipe to prevent mouth Cold Sores from getting worse
In order to prevent mouth cold sores from getting worse, dilute any one of following Essential Oils with carrier Oil of your choice: Rose Geranium, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Melissa or Roman Chamomile. Mix as much as 6 drops of the Essential Oil in 5 ml carrier Oil. Blend well and apply around the cold sore using a cotton-tip applicator. As the response seen is different for different individuals, try multiple Essential Oils to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Incorporating the nutritional supplements like Zinc and L-Lysine can also help you avoid further breakouts.
6. Cold Sores recipe for immediate relief:
3 drops of Bergamot
3 drops of Roman Chamomile
3-4 drops of Geranium
3 drops of Eucalyptus
3 drops of Lavender
2 drops of Tea Tree Oil
3 drops of Lemon Balm (Melissa)
Mix the ingredients and apply the blend directly on the cold sores you have. In case you have cracked and dried out cold sores, add 1 oz of Sweet Almond to the blend. You can add 2 oz. of vodka for wet cold sores to dry them out and heal them. Shake well before every use.
7. Using Essential Oils with an empty gel capsule:
10 empty gel capsules
2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
4 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil
4 drops of Oregano Essential Oil
Mix all the Essential Oils and take a few drops in an empty gel capsule. Just split the capsule into two parts and let the blend you have prepared go in. Thereafter, close the capsule. I take one capsule in the morning and one at night for a period of 5 days, which is total of 10 pills, for relief with my problem of cold sores.
8. One perfect recipe for the treatment of Cold Sores in babies
Things you will need:
2 Tbsp Sweet Oil
2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
1 small jar with restricted cap
A Q-tip to apply the Oil
Step-By-Step Guideline
Mix the ingredients well and shake. In addition, shake well before every future use.
When you first realize that a cold sore is coming on your baby’s skin, just drop the q-tip into the blend you have prepared and apply on the impacted area. It is likely that the cold sore will go in an hour. However, if this doesn’t happen, apply the second coat.
If your baby already has cold sores, apply the blend using a q-tip after every 2 hours until all the signs of a cold sore disappear. Doing this for one day is enough to eliminate any kind of cold sore in babies.
Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils are all useful for fighting against herpes virus. Adding these Oils to your blend makes it more effective. However, make sure that the blend is not too strong for the baby.
No one recipe mentioned in this article should be stronger than a combination of them. In addition, not every remedy in this list will work the same for everybody. For the same reason, try them in different combinations. With experimentation, it is possible to figure out one or a combination of Essential Oils that works best for your body.



Top 17 Essential Oils Recipes for Healing


1. Muscle and Joint Blend
4 drops Thyme
4 drops Black Pepper
4 drops Peppermint
4 drops Rosemary
10 drops Basil
Mix all the ingredients and apply topically.
2. Relaxation Blend
4 drops Marjoram
4 drops Chamomile (German)
4 drops Clary Sage
12 drops Lavender
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically or inhale.
3. Circulation Blend
4 drops Juniper berry
4 drops Frankincense
4 drops Ginger
4 drops Cypress
4 drops Black Pepper
4 drops Geranium
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically or inhale.
4. Vein and Artery Blend
4 drops Myrrh
4 drops Lemon
4 drops Sandalwood
4 drops Neroli
4 drops Geranium
4 drops Cypress
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically or inhale.
5. Sunburn Blend
4 drops Chamomile
4 drops Tea Tree
4 drops Peppermint
12 drops Lavender
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically for sunburn treatment.
6. Minor Cuts and Scrapes Blend
10 drops Tea Tree
10 drops Lavender
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically.
7. Menstrual Cramps Blend
7 drops Lavender
7 drops Rosemary
7 drops Melissa
Mix all the ingredients and apply topically.
8. Congestion Blend
4 drops Peppermint
4 drops Ravensara
15 drops Eucaplyptus
Mix all the ingredients and use the blend for inhalation.
9. Antibacterial Blend
4 drops Rosemary
4 drops Cinnamon
4 drops Basil
12 drops Tea Tree
Mix all the ingredients and apply topically.
10. Antimicrobial Blend
4 drops Cinnamon
4 drops Thyme
4 drops Lemongrass
12 drops Rosemary
Mix all the ingredients and apply topically.
11. Antiseptic Blend
10 drops Rosemary
10 drops Lavender
Mix all the ingredients and apply topically.
12. Antiviral Blend
4 drops Clove
4 drops Thyme
12 drops Peppermint
12 drops Sandalwood
Mix all the ingredients and apply topically.
13. Headache Blend
7 drops Marjoram
7 drops Basil
7 drops Peppermint
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically or inhale.
14. Immunity Blend
1 drop Lemon
1 drop Thyme
Mix all the ingredients and top up with a carrier oil in a capsule and use internally.
15. Arthritis Blend
7 drops Juniper
7 drops Eucalyptus
7 drops Basil
7 drops Cypress
14 drops Chamomile
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically.
16. Burns Blend
4 drops Tea Tree
4 drops Lavender
4 drops Geranium
12 drops Chamomile
Mix all the ingredients. Apply topically or inhale for burns treatment.
17. Colds and Flu Blend
4 drops Tea Tree
4 drops Rosemary
4 drops Peppermint
4 drops Lavender
12 drops Cinnamon
Mix all the ingredients. Inhale or apply topically to back of neck, temples and forehead.
**For all the above recipes:
For 1. Topical application, use approx 15 drops of the essential oil blend diluted in 1 oz. (30ml) carrier oil.
For 2. Inhalation, use approx 8-12 drops of the essential oil blend in your diffuser.
For 3. Internal use, always consult with your doctor prior to ingesting any essential oils.
There is no translation available.

Sănătatea plămânilor

Sănătatea pulmonară este un subiect la care mulți oameni nu se gândesc în mod normal, dar este foarte important să ai grijă de plămâni. La urma urmei, există un motiv întemeiat pentru care plămânii sunt unul dintre „organele vitale”- dacă nu sunt sănătoși, ar putea reprezenta o amenințare pentru viața ta. Cât poți rezista fără să respiri?

Poate e util să știți că un om respiră de circa 6 milioane de ori pe an. Acest lucru înseamnă că sistemul dvs. respirator este foarte ocupat zi de zi, căci plămânii lucrează 24 de ore din 24, pentru a vă menține în viață și sănătos. Cu un astfel de volum de lucru astronomic, are sens să ai grijă de plămâni cât de bine poți.

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Hemoroizii: Un subiect tabu important

Hemoroizii sunt o problemă frecventă întâlnită la peste 50% din persoanele cu vârsta până 50 de ani. Problemele asociate cu aceștia sunt considerate un subiect tabu, forțând multe persoane să-și amâne tratamentul și să sufere inutil pentru prea mult timp.

Există numeroase tratamente naturale pentru hemoroizi: unele au grijă doar de simptome, în timp ce altele abordează cauza în sine. Utilizarea uleiurilor esențiale este foarte recomandată, pentru că oferă o ușurare pe termen lung. Acestea fiind spuse, iată tot ce trebuie să știți despre utilizarea uleiurilor esențiale pentru tratamentul hemoroizilor.


Ce anume fac uleiurile esențiale atât de benefice pentru tratamentul natural al hemoroizilor? – Topul celor mai importante 3 motive

There is no translation available.

Ce este ciuperca de unghii?

De asemenea, cunoscută sub numele de onicomicoză, afecțiunea provocată de ciuperca de unghii este una dintre cele mai frecvente probleme ale picioarelor, care afectează un procent mare din populația planetei. Numele se referă la o boala care afectează unghiile picioarelor, dearece este mult mai răspândită la unghiile de la picioare decât la unghiile de la mâini.

Efectele sunt caracterizate de obicei prin durere, înroșire sau inflamație la nivelul piciorului. Infecția începe ca o ușoară decolorare și se dezvoltă treptat. Pe măsură ce se dezvoltă mai în adâncime, infecția provoacă o decolorare gravă, deoarece unghiile devin mai groase și mai fragile. Cu siguranță nu este o priveliște frumoasă.

Ciuperca de unghii afectează peste 10% din populație, în special oameni mai în vârstă, iar bărbații sunt mai predispuși la aceasta. Din fericire, problema este destul de ușor de abordat chiar și fără tratament. Dar, în primul rând, cum știți cu adevărat că este vorba de ciuperca de unghii și nu de altceva?

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