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We know that most of you are delighted by the jam of roses. Fewer, however, know that it can be made of any type of rose petals, provided that the variety has the  strong enough specific flavor.

Of course, the favorite varieties are Rosa Damascena, Rose de Resht or Sachsengruss, but there are other varieties that are a very good source of petals for jam. The most suitable varieties are those with beaten flower, which provide a large amount of petals and have a very strong flavor. Of course, the flavor is also conditioned by the moment and condition when the roses where picked, but this is already another story.

As you have seen, our back yard is full (apart from the bush of Damascena, Resht, Sachsengruss) of such a variety of rose. What kind is ... we do not know, it was bought a few years ago. In addition, in that lot, all roses (about 100 yarns) were supposed to be beaten and climbing. Yes, exactly, supposedly! No comment ... I still searched the internet for curiosity, and I find out that the closest rose would be Soul.

The purpose of culinary adventure is to make a difference between the jam made from Rose de Resht (and the like), and these roses (the advantage of which is the enormous quantity of flowers they give). So far we've used glycerin maceration (experimentally, with exceptional results), so let's see what we can make out of them in the kitchen.

I picked up about 900 grams of petals:

Minerale coloidale, AquaNano
- ediția a treia -
Argint coloidal AquaNano Ultra, 80ppm.
Pur electrocoloidal!
Aur coloidal AquaNano Celest, 110ppm
Un produs unic!
Argint coloidal, set, AquaNano ArgiKit
Util și comod!
Capsule vegetale, 150bucăți, mărimea 0.
Pentru plante, uleiuri esențiale, extracte...

Protocol antitumoral simplu și extrem de eficient

There is no translation available.

Vă recomandăm să citiți cu atenție, și să aplicați perseverent informațiile conținute în acest articol, mai ales în cazul în care vă confruntați, dumneavoastră personal sau cineva drag, cu această afecțiune.

Am structurat aici un protocol clar și eficient, ale cărui efecte sunt excepționale atunci când este aplicat perseverent, și mai ales în stadii incipiente.

Totodată, el poate fi completat cu diferite alte adjuvante, uzual fără probleme semnificative, și poate fi utilizat în paralel cu chimioterapia sau radioterapia, caz în care efectele secundare ale acestor tratamente vor fi semnificativ reduse.

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